Thursday, July 20, 2006

New dolly for my art supplies!

I found this at Art Supply Warehouse on sale for about half price!!!(of course, I ordered the purple, didn't like the green, my usual color choice) so I'll have something really practical for hauling my art supplies to school, for my classes next month. The dolly I used last year was much less practical, and is pretty worn out, too, so I was delighted to find this one. I ordered it and it will be on its way soon.

Since I'm taking (oil and acrylic) beginning painting, as well as continuing my watercolor class, it is really nice that this will hold the heavier supplies and liquid solvent and mediums I'll need, then I can just use them right from the organizer. I won't have to pull everything out, if it turns out I don't need it all that day. I can strap my paper or canvases to the handles, and I can also have a "set" of oil, and a "set" of acrylics, and just drop in the container I intend to use that day. I'll get a locker, but I know it won't all fit in there, and I'll probably use that for the watercolor supplies and extra paper and canvases.

I think it's going to be a great way to make the painting classes more accessable, since parking is going to be a real bear (with construction expected for at least two years taking up over half the adjacent parking). I have limited ability to lift and drag my equipment and may have to transport it quite a distance some of the time, and I've been concerned about it. Woo hoo! Ysabeau

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I is for...

I is for I, simple and complex me, myself, and I

Iris, the colors and textures are really so fascinating, I participated in a quilt block swap of appliqued irises, and each person showed a different perception of them - also goddess of the rainbow, and looking at all the colors in my photos of them, that's appropriate

Ideas, my head is stuffed with them, some good, some, well.... debatable

Ink for writing, drawing, painting, stamping

Ice, really popular with everyone in the Summertime! It's 100 right now, more ice please! Ice tea, Ice cream, Ice coffee...

Ivy, ancient symbol of healing, reincarnation, growth

Illusions, trying to keep the good ones is a challenge

Indigo, one of my favorite watercolors to experiment with, and perhaps more flexible than black for showing tones and shadows, I did some figure studies that were satisfyingly expressive in indigo

Ill, I hate to be ill and I'm a lousy patient, always think I should be "all better right Now!" but the fact is, maybe I'm not... but every day I'm better and better

Isis, a very ancient goddess of protection, healing, mercy - spreading her wings over us

Intelligence, I have survived and thrived in difficult circumstances mostly due to the fortune of having a high level of intelligence, which has helped me to adapt, learn, and grow in the face of overwhelming odds in my environment

Irridescence, chatoyancy, that elusive quality of shimmer like scales on a fish, surface of moving water, subtle, but that makes me want to look again

Igloo, have you ever wanted to go live in one, when it's really hot in the Summertime?

Ignorance, which is NOT bliss, not by a long shot, and which causes a lot of the trouble in the world

Igor, (not eeegor, of course)

Ok, out of I's but of course, I'll think of five more the minute I hit send!

B*B, Ysabeau