Thursday, August 04, 2011

Maybe I should Blog more?

We are recuperating from a trip to Walnut Cr. for Susie's wedding, and we are both pretty tired. The trip went very well, we planned and took what we needed, and were pretty organized, but hauling ourselves and our luggage all over two airports, meeting lots of new and old friends, participating in rehearsal and wedding, too much fun for us!

I was delighted that my clothes were a good match for the wedding site in a garden, and that it was not super hot. Everything went exceptionally well, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, and Will and I even danced a bit - so we are still recovering. I thought that Susie's friends were great - but I always liked them, so no surprise there. Nik's wonderful family were so nice, I wish there had been more time with them, but I enjoyed meeting extended family and friends that were family, really.

Merrie liked her jewelry, the quilt arrived at Nik's work, Susie's friends liked their matching earrings, also the pearl and crystal sets, so all was really smooth, on my small efforts towards the event.

We took some photos and videos, and I'm really hoping to get photos from some of the other camera wielding guests, as well as the professional who seemed to be doing a great job. Most of my photos came out pretty dark, but I can play with them and make them better. Both of the evening events were not bright enough without my flash, but I didn't want to be distracting.

The good news is that Quan Yin's tumor is not the big "C", it's a lipoma, so no problem. I know she's getting older, at least 14 I think, with lots of grey in her orange eyebrows, but she seems pretty well except for some arthritis.

We will be much more rested shortly, and will be out and about on more adventures in the big world, as well as time staying at home being creative, playing all kinds of music, doing computer "things" like playing with our new video camera and the results, some art, quilting, beading, cooking, swimming, taking a class or two at OLLI and generally enjoying life!

I'm pretty sure that I should be Blogging my creativity results, at least. I was looking at my photos and videos and finding myself freshly inspired to paint and draw, and also to learn more about the computer applications for art. I guess the reason I want to blog about it, is to share the journey, and keep moving along. Besides, it's probably good for me, nobody has to read it, unless they feel like it!

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